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Los Angeles Needs the Monorail

Los Angeles County voters last Nov. passed Measure M, overwhelmingly with 71 percent voter support, providing for $120 billion for local transportation needs over the next generation. Planning, efforts and developments are underway in L.A. expanding bike lanes and rail-service, which is great, but our city and citizens require much more to navigate around our

What Is Luxury Real Estate?

Luxury homes are in a league of their own because the criteria that determine a home luxury changes and is largely influenced by the clients buying high-end homes at any given time. Luxury isn’t strictly based on price. It’s a moving target influenced by a number of factors and primarily, trends. For an example, the

Los Angeles Clippers – Fun Facts To Entertain The Whole Family!

The professional NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball team, the Los Angeles Clippers, is based in the California town of Los Angeles. Not always known as the Los Angeles Clippers, the team is very established as such now. The following fun facts are sure to get any basketball fan, or Los Angeles Clippers fan, a “slam

Real Estate That’s Out Of Sight

Many real estate investors have been flocking to some of the less expensive or newly appreciating parts of the country and plunking down their hard earned cash in order to get into the game. In this Special Report, we are going to take a look at what you need to know before you invest in

What does defunding the police mean?

What does defunding the police mean?

Every morning around 7 a.m., the older folks who lived around Audubon Middle School in Leimert Park spilled out onto their front porches. They would chat with each other as they sipped their coffees, some still dressed in their robes. Sometimes they would shout a warning to the stream of kids walking by: “Stop cussing

13 glamorous apartments from Hollywood’s Golden Age

13 glamorous apartments from Hollywood’s Golden Age

During the 1920s, Los Angeles was flying high. Ornate high rises were springing up all over the city, and LA was becoming the center of the low-brow cultural world, as Hollywood’s movies and their stars were exported around the globe. It was the perfect storm of developers looking to build and credit flush flappers and