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Is This the Worst-Designed Room in ‘Battle on the Beach’ History?

Is This the Worst-Designed Room in ‘Battle on the Beach’ History?

“House Party” is the official® podcast about the overlapping worlds of home and pop culture, hosted by Rachel Stults and Natalie Way. Click the player above to hear our take on this week’s hot topics. This week, Natalie lets everyone in on the Netflix press junket she attended where she interviewed the reality TV stars of “Selling the OC,” “Dream

How to Get the Best Rate on Your Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgage borrowers often ask us how lenders determine the rates that they offer on commercial mortgage loans. There are many criteria that lenders use when determining rates, but lenders will assess the relative risk of a loan when reviewing a loan application. The lower the risk, the lower the rate. The higher the risk,

4 Essential Mortgage Considerations

Most people, especially, first – time homeowners, take advantage of a mortgage, in order to participate, in what is generally considered, a major component of the American Dream, which is, owning a home, of your own. When one proceeds wisely, and learns, as much as possible, about the options, alternatives, differences, and considerations, between a

Interest Rate Forecast – Is Inflation Right Around the Corner?

In March of 2009, I wrote an article predicting where mortgage rates were heading. The name of this article is “Mortgage Rate Predictions-What the Charts Are Telling Us.” At the time I wrote this article, interest rates were 6 to 6.5%. My article got a lot of very bad reviews because many readers thought I

Federal Reserve Bank – Controlling Mortgage Interest Rates

Homeowners often become very interested in the Federal Reserve Bank system. Every time the board of directors meets, mortgage interest rates are at risk. Federal Reserve Bank The Federal Reserve System acts as the central bank of the United States. Created in 1913, the Federal Reserve sets monetary and financial policies for the financial industry

Citibank Mortgage Interest Rates – How To Find?

Citibank is a reputed financial institution in America that has been offering loans of different kinds for wide varieties of purposes. The bank has a loan modification program so that the homeowners that have already a mortgage with Citibank can operate their account easily. However, if you are a new buyer, you would have to

Last Call For Low Mortgage Rates?

Throughout 2009 the Federal Reserve Board took unprecedented actions to support the mortgage market by directly purchasing mortgage backed securities (MBS) in the open market, accumulating over $1.2 TRILLION by the time the program officially ended on March 31, 2010. The price of the 4.5% MBS began to fall on March 24, 2010 in anticipation

How Long, Will Mortgage Rates, Stay, Low?

If we had workable, crystal balls, wouldn’t it be easier to predict trends, and what, the future, would bring? However, since most have not found, their personal version of a reliable form of these, it might make sense, to better understand, some of the signs, and omens, which might be useful, in providing us, with